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Band ska dari Cincinnati USA ni aku interview through email…Mr Jay telah sudi menjawabnya dengan panjang mari kita lihat..apa dia kata….



This is Jay from Lee Harvey Skaswald replying to your interview.

Cybernet : Where did you get the name of your band?

Well, we were sitting around one night laughing about the silly names that ska bands have, when Andy B (our bassist) incoherently said "John Wilkes Ska" in reference to Abraham Lincoln's assassin, so I (Jay B our alto saxophonist) said "Don't you mean Lee Harvey Skaswald?" (in reference to John F. Kennedy's assassin) and we laughed for hours, so it stuck. I also added "and the Magic Bullet Band" to the name, but it has never stuck.

Cybernet : Can you tell us the history of your band and where are you from?

Freshman year of college Jay, Rich and Andy all dormed together, we had known each other since sixth grade where they lived in Cleveland OH. Jay and Andy met Cliff, Matt and Primus in the Marching Band that year. Next year Cliff, Rich, Matt, and Jay moved into a house and decided to start a band for fun, they wrote like one song and it sucked. At this point Andy did not know how to play bass so he was not considered a potential member. That Christmas Andy, me, received a bass for christmas and then started learning bass. About February of 96 we saw Primus at a Mighty Mighty Bosstones concert and asked him if he wanted to be in a ska band. He got real excited and said "Yeah!!" or something to that effect. Then we started writing some songs and Rich had to go away to New York for Co-op. Then we found Mike D for guitar. He played for awhile and then decided to leave cause he didn't like ska. He was a cool guy now he won't talk to us. Mike d had been trying to sell some guitar equipment to some guy and mentioned that he was leaving a ska band and there was a open position for guitar. Eric joined as the second guitar. It turns out that Andy, Jay and Rich went to see Erics band up in Cleveland during High School, crazy. Officially the band is from Cincinnati but nobody in the band is actually from Cincinnati.

Cybernet : Who is the current line up?

Cliff Labbe on vocals, trumpet, and occasional harmonica and orange shaker and women

Rich Merwarth on guitar and graphics

Eric Mazurak on guitar, vocals, keyboard and height

Andy Bruening on bass guitar and body fat

Andy Pruyn on drums and thinness

Mike Haboustak on trombone and mechanics

Jay Bohland on alto sax and the world wide web

Matt McClain on tenor sax and hair styles

Cybernet : What are your influences?

Out influences extremly broad. Everyone likes ska but no one really grew up loving ska or anything. There are alot of hardcore, punk, oldies, jazz, big band, cheesy alternative, motown, industrial, and even some top forty CD's among the entire bands collection. AS far as ska influences I think our favorite bands which we kind of reference for style but not really are the Toaster, Pietasters, Slackers, Articles, Bosstones, and just about everyone else.

Cybernet : What type of music do you play?

Well, we've been described as ska-rock, neo-traditional ska, and plenty more. We just play what we want to and try to avoid sticking to one thing too often. We try to blend all our other influences with the ska groove.

Cybernet : Do you have any demo/e.p/album ?

We have a 7" record out on Cousin Eddy Records in Dallas, Texas. That record is nearly sold out, but you can still get a few copies from us. We hope to be recording our first full-length CD in December.

Cybernet : What is the underground scene like at your place?

The ska scene in Cincinnati is great. The bands that come through town think that we have something really wonderful here because all the bands cooperate and help each other out, plus we all try to bring in great out of town talent. There are some really wonderful bands in the Cincy ska scene in addition to Skaswald bands like Short Mille, OB1, Kamiskaze, and Nice Guy Eddie play out regularly.

Cybernet : Any last word to the Malaysian readers?

Stay in school.

Cybernet : How to cantact your band?

By mail:

3215 Glendora Street

Cincinnati, OH 45220


By email:

On the web:


Thanks alot for the interview, and if this appears in your zine, we'd really appreciate it if we could get a copy. Thanks again.

Jay Bohland

Lee Harvey SkaswaldHello,


Terima kasih bebanyak kepada Mr Jay…so apa kata kalau korang try surf diorang punya website…OK?…


interview by





Band dari England ni main muzik style Darkwave…aku interview ngan Mr Martin through email….actually Mr Martin kita ni pernah datang ke mari kita tengok apa dia kata….


ATTRITION - Cybernet interview - 11/97

Dear Lankurdt...thanks for contacting us!!!! here is the interview...please send us a copy when the fanzine is out!!! what is your address? i can send you some promo material!!!...this is the first contact i have had with Malaysia...what is the scene like there?...i would like to know you know any contacts for live shows in Malaysia?....we would love to fact i spent a month in Malaysia on holiday a few years ago ( no kidding - ed)... u live in a nice country!!!...( thanx -ed) i hope to hear from you soon!!!! all the best

martin bowes/attrition


Cybernet : Where did you get the name of the band?

It was a long time ago!!!!!! it was from war of in the first world war....and many since...a slow process of erosion...sometimes it feels like that!!!!

Cybernet : Can you tell us where you are from and the history of the band?

ATTRITION began in the early 1980' Coventry, England...a place i live now...despite much travelling and living in London and Holland for a while...i started the band with julia...who is still involved now...we've been through many line up changes and released around 10 albums on various independent labels in Europe, and are currently signed to Projekt records in the USA...we have toured extensively in Europe and now more in the USA....we have just completed our second tour there and will be going to Mexico in December....

Cybernet : Who is the current line up?

The current line up is...Martin Bowes - Vocals/all


Julia waller - voice

Joanne Lygo - Voice

Franck dematteis - violin

plus various guests and live performers...

Cybernet : What are your influences?

I am influenced by everything around my life and art and music and film and literature....usually the surreal or macabre will appeal to me!!!!

Cybernet : What type of music do you play?

It is over-simplified as being Darkwave, or is actually these plus classical, experimental...whatever we feel like...i won't be held in by boundaries...

Cybernet : Do you have any demo/EP?....

yes...rather a lot of releases!!!! this is our album discography so far... ( check website diaorang!!!-ed)


The Attrition of Reason - 1984.

Smiling, at the Hypogonder club - 1985.

In the Realm of the Hungry Ghosts(archive) - 1986.

This Death House(Soundtrack) - 1987.

At the Fiftieth Gate - 1988.

Recollection(anthology 84-89) - 1990.

A Tricky Business - 1991.

The Hidden Agenda- 1993.

Ephemera(Soundtrack)- 1994

3 arms & a dead cert- 1996

Etude (classical interpretations)- 1997

...and some press quotes......

`ATTRITION lead us into a new world, their own world, a world I strongly

advise you to enter at least once in your short life...'

Sideline Magazine/Belgium

` to the clad-in-black Nosferatu followers and the club-stomping

cyberpunks, it`s this dichotomy that has defined them...`


'Harsh and gentle, industrial and gothic,electronic and organic...`


`Depth filled songs, for those who like some emotion in their electronic


Godsend Magazine/USA

`Power and sensitivity...impossible to pinpoint and totally unique`

Low Life Magazine/UK

`Britain`s best kept electronic-rock secret`

Alternative Press/USA

`electro-disco meets the avante garde!`

Bizarre Magazine/UK

`Bowes is without doubt one of the greatest living composers of the 20th


Industrial nation/USA

Thanks for the interview!!!! we are currently working on our new album the jeopardy aze..for release on Projekt records next year....we are also touring in the USA and Europe....always looking for new challenges...i hope we can get to the far east, and Malaysia in particular before too long....we welcome any contact and correspondence....please feel free.... all the best...Martin Bowes/attrition

Cybernet : How can we contact you?7

Radcliffe Rd, Coventry, CV5 6AA, UK. Tel/fax. 44-(0)1203-672288



Trima kaseh bebanyak diucapkan kepada Mr Martin kerana sudi menjawab interview ni….thanx again…watch out for their new album!!!


Interview by





Band ni aku interview through email…lets check it out…


Cybernet : Where did you get the name of your band?

DaManual - pronounced The Manual - stands for an essential element of our music, the dam; which is a heavy part of music, played simultaneously by guitar, bass and kick. DaManual has invented the word,and has conceived a MANUAL to this.

Cybernet : Can you tell us the history of your band and where are you from?

The band was founded by Jorg van der Jagt (guitarist), Harry Westerwaal (bass player) and Joost van Iersel (drummer). Luke d'Araceno (keyboardist) and Ollie Oldenburg (vocalist) joined the group later. The nowadays' line up exists since early 1995.

Cybernet : What are your influences?

We like many different styles of music. From classical to trashmetal and all kinds in between. What I DISlLIKE: music with conventional harmonics, without extremities and challenges.

Cybernet : What type of music do you play?

We play progressive metal: pretty long songs consisting of heavy music with fine melodies, surprising dynamics, and unconventional harmonics.

Cybernet : Do you have any demo/e.p ?

We released a CDemo last summer. It consists of 4 pieces. Total lenght is approx. 30 minutes.

Cybernet : What is the underground scene like at your place?

Our kind of music is not very much appreciated. People over here do like more the alternative pop and rock with much guitar and almost no keyboards. Others prefer dance. A typical Dutch variant of dance is called ‘gabber’, fast and aggressive beats, and lots of energy.

Cybernet : Any last word to the Malaysian readers?

Hopefully we will visit your country once, and have big stadium acts over there.

Cybernet : How to cantact your band ( email/homepage)?

E-mail -

Bye for now,



Thanx a lot kepada Mr Luke sebab balas interview ni…so kalau orang nak order Cdemo band ni..keep in touch dengan band ni!!!!


Interview by






Bagi readers yang minat grunge inilah bandnya….band grunge dari Kansas City ni kau interview through email….guitarist band ni telah sudi ditemubual …so lets have a look…


Thanks for taking an interest in PINION. My name is Johnny and I'm the band's guitarist. I'll try to answer the questions for your magazine. Also, could you please send me a copy of the magazine: ( sure do -ed)


Johnny Mendon

1001 E Madison

Rm #B503C

Springfield, MO 65807


Cybernet : Where did you get the name of your band?

We had gone through several other names and we never really liked any of them, so finally we just came up with 'pinion'; there really isn't much meaning behind it. We kinda takes Korn's theory - the name doesn't

matter - it's the music.

Cybernet : Can you tell us the history of your band and where are you from?

We are from Kansas City, Missouri USA. Actually Trent, our guitarist/lead singer was born in Australia and grew up in Saudi Arabia, then he moved to KC.

Cybernet : Who is the current line up?

Johnny Mendon-guitar Trent Larson-vocals, guitar, temporary bass player Tim Hood-drums We're looking for a bassist right now, so Trent's playing until we find one.

Cybernet : Can tou define your music and what are your influences?

Our muisc style is probably a mix of Korn, Helmet, and Tool. We have deep bass, grooves, heavy grunge riffs, and wierd guitar effects.

Cybernet : Have you played any gigs?

While we were in high school we played a lot of parties and a few gigs where we sould rent out a community center and charge people like $4 at the door. We would usually get about 200 people to come.

Cybernet : Do you have any demo/e.p/album ?

.We have a real shitty demo tape right now. The recording studio kinda screwed us over. We can send you a copy, but we recorded it last summer and actually our style has changed since the demo.

Cybernet : What is the underground scene like at your place?

.Most undergroud bands in KC are ska bands (like the Urge). I don't think there's a lot of heavy bands like us in the Midwest.

Cybernet : What are your point of view of the sucidal of Kurt Cobain?

When I first got into music Nevermind had just been released. That is pretty much the only band Trent and I would listen to. If it wasn't Nirvana I hated it. I was pretty closed minded back then. We collected all the singles and every album we could find. When we got our first guitars, we learned every Nirvana song we could. The songs we wrote sounded like Nirvana. When Kurt shot himself it was very devestating to us. I still think Nirvana was the greatest band of all times, but his suicide helped us spread our minds. Rest in peace, Kurt.

Cybernet : Do you think that Silverchair wiil be the next Nirvana?

I think Silverchair rocks and they have a good future, but I don't think any band could ever be on the same level as Nirvana.

Cybernet : Any last word to the Malaysian readers?

We would appreciate any support you can give us and we'll never turn our backs on our true fans. E-mail us and we can send you one of our piece of shit demo tapes. Keep the underground scene alive.

Cybernet : How to contact your band?


1001 E Madison

Rm #B503C

Springfield, MO 65807


Terima kasih diucapkan kepada Mr Johnny kerana sudi ditemuramah…bagi readers yang ingin mendapatkan demo diaorang..bolehlah contact band ni….gerenti puas hati!!!


Interview by






Allooo…interview kali ni dengan sebuah band punk/ska dari New York….aku interview melalui email…..anyway lets check it out….


Dear Lankurdt,

Thanks for writing, I'd be more than happy to answer your questions:

The name "Freaks From The Apocalypse" was a name just randomly thought up by one of the band's close friends as the name of a volleyball team in our high school that some of the members of the band were on. The "original" members had played in bands together before, so when they got together again to try to get another band going the name just kinda stuck. Those guys were Bob Ciani on vocals, Andre Bermudez on lead guitar, and Mitch Grafstein on guitar. Their friend Matt Crowley got drafted for bass, and a guy named Mike Havern played drums at the time. Since then the lineup has changed a bit, Mitch is no longer with us and Andre handles all the guitars, Bob's brother Mark plays keyboards with us now, and I replaced the original drummer about 2 years ago.

We have alot of influences, which is kind of responsible for our varied sounds. I listen to more 2 Tone ska, some punk, alot of industrial and electronic, various things like that. In general the band listens to alot of punk and ska also, Andre likes alot of experimental things, early PiL, Sonic Youth, things like that, I know Matt likes more old school punk, Mark likes the third wave ska alot, as does Bob, who also likes things such as old jazz and things. This provides the wide range of sounds of Freaks From The Apocalypse. We play an interesting mix of styles I would say, alot of ska, punk, some surf in there, even some jazz, electronics thrown in from the keyboards. Our new release is going to be an even broader range of styles, reggae, electronics, rockabilly even.

In the past we have made a number of demoes, about a year and a half ago we made a full length cassette on two four track machines, a nice color cover and all that, called "Decent". Last January we finished work in a studio on our last release, "Kinda OK", which was put out in the spring on cassette, and has reached fans, record labels, zines, and radio stations around the world in the 700s. This winter we plan on recording two more cassette albums, one of our favorite covers and one live. Also this winter we are going to go back to the studio to record another original release planned to be released on CD in the spring. e have been and are going to be featured on a few compilations of local music, and we are featured in an upcoming snowboarding video being released this winter world-wide.

The scene around us, Long Island New York, is kind of like an underground mainstream. Everyone plays non-MTV, non commercial music the same way, and their are only a few exceptions. These bands are few and far between, the hidden gems that even in the underground scene have trouble getting exposure due to their originality. It can be frustrating and two- faced, and there aren't an abundance of venues that support local punk, ska, and hardcore. You end up getting creative and booking shows in bowling alleys, your backyard, your basement, silly places like that. But it can also be alot of fun with the right bands, a good fun crowd, things like that.

My last word to Malaysian readers? First off I'd like to thank you for the interview and giving my band an exposure oppurtunity, as well as an oppurtunity for us to learn about each other's underground scenes. I believe that without the underground scene and its new talent the mainstream commercial scene would collapse. Support your local scene and the local talent, and keep your eyes open for those "gems" and help them take it as far as they can go. Without the scene and the fans, bands would be nothing.

Freaks From The Apocalypse can always be contacted a number of ways. Via email, my address is, Bob's address is, by telephone Bob and Mark's number is (USA Long distance code)-(516)-499-5997, or by regular mail Bob and Mark's address is:

Freaks From The Apocalypse

c/o Ciani

29 Audrey Lane

Commack, NY 11725



All Freaks releases and merchandise can be ordered via regular mail at

low low prices. For more information please contact one of us or check out

The Freaks From The Apocalypse Home Page :

If you would like a free copy of either of our albums for you or your zine be sure to write me with your mailing address and I will send them out to you right away. I'd also be very intererested in buying copies of your zine to give to friends. Well in the future please keep in touch, and I thank you very much for the interview and the extra exposure in Malaysia, everything helps you know!! Hope to hear from you soon...




Terima kasih bebanyak diucapkan kepada Mr.Nick kerana telah menjawab interview ni…so bagi korang yang nak tahu lebih lanjut, boleh ler tulis surat, email, call band ni…peace


Interview by







Band yang berasal dari Finland ni aku interview through email…band ini merupakan band punk rock + hardcore…lets check it out…


Hi again. I'm really sorry 'cos it took so long to answer but we had all kinds of problems with this computer and... well i'm sorry.(takpe..dimaafkan-ed)


Cybernet : Where did you get the name of your band?

Some of us were setting up this anarchist group in a town called Hämeenlinna in 1993. Some people wanted it to be called Direct Resistance or something like that but we wanted a more positive name. "Aurinkokerho" is "The sun crew" in english... We lost the vote. Then a few months later when we formed this band we thought Aurinkokerho is a good name, why not use it for the band. And we're still happy about it, it still suits us.

Cybernet : Can you tell us the history of your band?

It was winter and it was real cold and we were sitting in a bank automat box and talked about music. Then this idea came up. There was also a girl who played saxophone so we asked her too, but today she's lo longer with us. In the beginning the music was more poppy and the lyrics were purposely naive stories... now 4 years have passed and obviously we've evolved. It's getting more aggressive punk rock all the time but there are still influences from other kinds of music too. The lyrics are more realistic and direct. We've played close to 100 gigs, mostly in Finland but we've also done two tours in Poland/Czech/Germany. Those have definitely been the highlights of beings in this band, aside from making great music of course. In December we will possibly play in the Baltic countries, Latvia and Lithuania.

Cybernet : Who is the current line up?

Kaisa: vocals

Jani: guitar

Tuukka: guitar

Rurik: bass

Aati: drums

Cybernet :What are your influences?

Active people who make revolutions in their everyday lives.

Cybernet : What type of music do you play?

Energic melodic punk rock with hardcore and pop influences.

Cybernet : Do you have any demo/e.p ?

Here's our discography:


6-song demo, sold out


4 songs on A Better Tomorrow-comp.lp, sold out


split 7" w/ Oheisvasara, 3 songs, sold out

1 song on Farewell to arms comp-lp


cd/10". 10 songs.

Cybernet : Any last word to the readers?

The cd/10" costs $8 including post so order it! Write us if you find us interesting, we'll answer you. Be positive&active. Have lotsa fun. Soittakaa punkkii kunnes kuolette.(apa ke benda mamat ni cakap?-ed)

Cybernet : How to cantact your band ( email/ homepage)?


Kasarmikatu 18a2a

00130 Helsinki


358-9-623 1032


Itu dia jawapan oleh band kalau korang nak tahu lebih lanjut tentang band ni bolehlah call atau surf webside band ni…


Interview by






Band yang main muzik speed punk+speed ska dari Chicago ni kau interview through email….frontman dari band ni telah sudi menjawab interview mari kita nengok sesama….


Nice to meet you (sort of) Lankurdt. I am Bruce Jabba Gut leader (despot some would say) of Jump Suit Robbie....


Cybernet : Where did you get the name of your band?

We used to be called "The Discounts" but we heard of like four different bands with a similar name so we decied we needed a new name. Somebody offered Jump Suit Robbie, which was a nickname of this guy some of the guys went to grade school with.

Cybernet : Can you tell us the history of your band and where are u from?

We are from Chicago and Odell Illinois but we are located in Urbana Illinois now. The boys started goofing around with instruments around febuary '96. The band formed a liitle while later. The Turban and I joined in oct '96. It's all explained very well on our homepage.

Cybernet : Who is the current line up?

Our current line up consists of six madmen known as:

Joe Caml --> guitar and vocals

Ken Negus --> bass

Mark The Tetris Kid --> drums

The Turban --> sax and vocals

T-bone Ben --> trombone and vocals

Bruce Jabba Gut --> Vocals and vocals

Cybernet : What are your influences?

We all have rather different tastes but we all love bands such as Minor Threat, Operation Ivy, Skankin' Pickle and The Blue Meanies.

Cybernet : What type of music do you play?

We play a mix of speed punk and speed ska.

Cybernet : Do you have any demo/e.p/album ?

We've been in the studio twice. Our first recording was a five song E.P.. Which is now out of print. Our second recording never got mixed because we got skrewed by the engeenerr. We're about to get back into the studio soon for our third E.P..

Cybernet : What is the underground scene like at your place?

The scene in Urbana is more of an Emo scene than anything else. A few cool punk and ska bands come through every now and then. Most local bands are rock and roll, but there are a lot of punks in town and when a good show comes to town it's like a big party.

Cybernet : Any last word to the malaysian readers?

I hope you found this interesting. And remember the search for good music is never over it's usually just begining.

Cybernet : How to cantact your band?

We can be reached through our homepage which is located at:

or you can use a yahoo search engine and find us that way.


Terima kasih bebanyak diucapkan kepada Mr Bruce kerana sudi kiranya menjawab interview ni….check out their webside!!!


Interview by






Ini merupakan satu lagi band ska yang aku interview through the email….so mari kita baca apa jawapan mereka dengan soalan yang dah aku tanya..


Hello, my name is Mike Indeglio, and I'm in Space aTe Mafia. On behalf of our band, I will be answering these question.


Cybernet : Where did you get the name of your band?

We actually couldn't tell you if we wanted to. Our singer Jon made a list of a whole bunch af utlandish names. The one we liked most was Space Age Mafia. But when we would tell people the me, they would get it mixed up and say Space Ate Mafia. So we decided to make THAT our name...Space aTe Mafia

Cybernet : Can you tell us the history of your band?

Well the drummer bassist and I have been together jamming for about four years. Just for fun, we had our pals from Marching band Paul..trombone..and with they did...we liked it...took a year to write some stuff, and were playing for the public in no time. We had all played our instrument all our livesd so the talent was there it was just a matter of getting our crap together in unison.

Cybernet : Who is the current line up?

Space aTe Mafia consists of....

Mike Indeglio(me)....Guitar

Jon Kargulewits.......Vocals

Doug Reilly.............Drums

Ross Reilly..............Trumpet

Paul Wong..............Trombone

Dave Weaver..........Trumpet

Cybernet : What are your influences? What type of music do you play?

Well...our influences rage based on whatever we hear..if we like it, we'll try to immitate it. We are a ska band...plain and simple..some latin and jazz mixed in..some punk..very little punk but some. Anything that will make your ears happy we'll play. Who have we played with?? Well..Skavoovie and the Epitones...Ruder Than You...Skinnerbox...And pretty soon Spring Healed jack and The Pietasters. Not to mention many more bands, but i wanted to get the top kickers in there first.

Cybernet : Do you have any demo/e.p ? Any last word? How to cantact your band?

We will be featured on three comps due out by christmas...We are in the process of recording the demp...and hopefully soon an EP. As for a last word...we hope to show that just because a band isn't signed or doesn't have an album, it doesn;t mean they're less talented then those who do. We have played with a ton of local bands, our live show and a lot of their's rival those of the "top" bands out there. Anything can sound good when recorded in the studio...but its rare you can go to a show and just have a GREAT time, and enjoy the music while be entertained by showmanship that is of the finest quality...that is what we do.



Mike Indeglio

Space aTe Mafia


Itu dia tadi jawapan mereka…so kepada peminat muzik ska buleh lah contact band ni di alamat di atas…


Interview by






Alloooo…ini merupakan sebuah lagi band oversea yang aku temuramah dengan email…so let's check it out…


Dearest sir!

We'd love to comply with your demands.


Cybernet : Where did you get the name of your band?

Our name (The Mexican Cession) comes from a band trip most of us we on in high school. Six idiots bought six giant sombreros, and thus were dubbed the Mexican Cession. A longer version of this story can be found on our web site (see address below).

Cybernet : Can you tell us the history of your band?

This explained at length on the website as well. We've been on the Western New york scene for 3 years now. Based out of Buffalo, NY, it all started as a joke on the aforementioned band trip, with six of us rapping "Ice Ice Baby" for no good reason other than it was funny and we were obnoxious. It eventually occurred to us that we could all play instruments (we WERE, after all, on a band trip), so we wrote a bunch of stupid songs and annoyed people with them for awhile, until it got to be not so annoying and even kinda cool. That brings us up til now.

Cybernet : Who is the current line up?

Fen Ikner- drums, lead vox, and occasional guitar...Bryon Federick-

Bass...Ryan Cavan- guitar and occasional drums...Joe Sweeney- Keys,

vox....Scott Howard- guitar (the new guy)....Tad Dziekonski- Trumpet...Leif

Nelson- Trombone, vox....Adam Gibbs- trumpet...Luke Goetz, sax, vox

Cybernet : What are your influences?

Our influences are all over the place- you could pretty much name an album, and somebody has it, or at least has had it at one point or another and sold it out of embarrassment.

Cybernet : What type of music do you play?

It's also all over the place- kind of a mix of ska and hip hop and punk and...well, whatever else works its way into the mix. As long as it cool, or at least, we think its cool.

Cybernet : Do you have any demo/e.p ?

Yeah, we recorded a tape back when we were in high school, called "Welcome to Toasta Rica." That was a really early incarnation of the band, we had a different guitarist and bass player back then, and we kinda sound different now. We just finished our first "real" recording (tentatively called "Love Songs for Wrestlers") and are trying to get it out as soon as we can. So send us money!

Cybernet: Any last word?


Cybernet : How to cantact your band ( email/ homepage)?



SnailMail: 108 N. Campus Dr., Amherst NY. 14226

Phone: Adam- (716)-626-9010, Fen-(716)-839-5945


Thanks for the opportunity to spread the word! It's truly been a pleasure.


-Scott and Fen, Mexican Cession

Mexican Cession


Interview by Lankurdt@hotmail .com







Kepada peminat muzik metal…ini dia band yang ditunggu-tunggu…aku temuramah band ini through the email…so mari kita tengok jawapan temuramah band ni…jom!



It´s Jarmo from Count De Nocte here. Thanks for mailing me that interview here are my answers:


Cybernet : Where did you get the name of your band?

Well at first our band´s name was Endoparasites, but then we found another band with same name so we decided to change our name. We wanted it to be something very original and after few months it deveploped to Count De Nocte. It simply means Count of the night you can assoisiate it to one transylvanian count called Vlad Tepes, better known as Dracula.

Cybernet : Can you tell us the history of your band?

Band was formed in autumn-92 with four members in summer-94 other guitarist joined the band and that gave us much more depth into our sound and we were able to do those two guitar riffs. Line up has been the same since then. We have played about 20 gigs all here in Finland some better some worse.

Cybernet : Who is the current line up?

Current line up is: W.Sauren-guitar, J.Orpana-guitar, S.Pajunen-bass, J.Hohtari-drums, T.Nieminen-vocals.

Cybernet : What are your influences?

Some bands like: Runnnig Wild, Cradle Of Filth, Moonspell, Deicide, Abigor. And also this northern andscape and athmosphere, dark winter nights, autumns, but also some feelings: sadness, misery, hatred fear...

Cybernet : What type of music do you play?

We would call our music northern majestetic black fucking metal, it is some parts very fast, but slow, intensive, melodic and very dark.

Cybernet : Do you have any demo/e.p ?

We have made three demos only the latest"Nos Omnes Una Manet" is still forsale in Mad Lion Records they have few copies left, but november they will release an MCD called "Sorores Nocte Genitae" it is pure killer and really worth for checking out


Itulah dia tadi interview dengan band Count De Nocte….so kepada mereka yang nak contact band nnni bolehlah email kepada……


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Untuk issue kali ni aku telah menginterview sebuah band metal yang boleh di katakan veterenlah jugak dalam UG scene kita ini. Interview ni adalah dengan Batara Guru melalui email. So brader-brader metal semua mari kita semak interview ini….die…die….


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Sebenarnya Langsuir rehat tahun ni so takde apa2 aktiviti. Aku lebih suka kalau hang interview Vociferation Eternity...Anyway aku jawab jugak...


Cybernet : Apa khabar??Boleh ceritakan sedikit tentang sejarah Langsuir nie? Line-up sekarang?

Langsuir rehat tahun ni. Tahun depan baru sambung aktiviti. Masing2 sedang sibuk dengan aktiviti yng lebih penting yang perlu diselesaikan. Sejarah..hmmm...bermula sejak May/Jun 1991 sampai sekrang...Line up aku, Azmaniarkht dan Azlanthor.

Cybernet : Apakah perkembangan terbaru dari Langsuir?


Cybernet : BAgaimana dengan gig?? Yang terkini?

Tiada kerana rehat!

Cybernet : Sudahkah Langsuir membuat demo, EP, LP etc dan bagaimanakah perkembangannya?

Demo Occultus Mysticism 1993 dan THe Eastern Cruelty tape-ep 1996

Cybernet : Tentang apakah lirik2 yang cuba diketengahkan oleh Langsuir?

Nothing special. Aku tulis apa yang aku rasa nak tulis. takde msg tertentu. Lirik masa demo tu boleh dikatakan non-significant. Aku lebih kepada emosi buat masa ini. Jadi, apa2 yang aku fikir telah menyelami sanubari aku, aku tulis (itupun kalau dapat aku salurkan kepada perkataan).

Cybernet : Apakah pendapat LAngsuir tentang: a.Satanism b. RAsicm c.Punk d. Drug abuse

satanism - tidak pernah dan tidak akan berkait dengan Langsuir

Punk - maaf, bukan muzik pilihan aku utk didengar.

Drug Abuse - simpati aku kepada mereka yang terlibat... losers!

Cybernet : Scene metal di JB ni boleh dikatakan agak slow, boleh berikan sedikit komen?

Mungkin disebabkan terlampau banyak mulut dari aktiviti. Lakukan sebaliknya.

Cybernet : Gig metal yang diadakan biasanya semua band metal yang perform, adakah band metal tidak boleh nak unite dengan band-band aliran yang lain?

Ini disebabkan memang aku tak enjoy muzik lain (punk,HC,indie etc) tu sebab aku tak nak buang masa/duit aku pergi gig atau beli kaset2 yang berkaitan. Aku rasa ramai yang seperti aku. Dan aku rasa ini natural kepada semua. Jadi tiada sebab kenapa ini perlu digembar-gemburkan. Kalau enjoy datang, kalau tak, tak payah datang. Lebih baik dari memaksa. Ini secara muzikal dan dalam perspektive gig sahaja. Aku ada ramai kawan yang non-metal. Aku bergaul dengan sesiapa sahaja yg aku rasa senang jadi tak kisah samada mereka itu metal, HC, Punk, dangdut, belia 4B...tiada masalah!

Cybernet : Apakah sumbangan Langsuir terhadap alam sekitar kita??

Aku rasa ada pihak yang lebih memberi kesan yang besar terhadap aktiviti2 yang seperti ini. Setakat yang aku lakukan, aku tak merokok dan tak minum. Aku tak buang sampah merata2. Tapi kalau nak berslogan dan menyuruh orang supaya jgn buang sampah merata2 atau jgn korek tanah itu dalam Langsuir, itu bukan sebab Langsuir ditubuhkan. Aku pasti ada pihak yang lebih berkemampuan.

Cybernet : Apakah band kegemaran Langsuir?(international/local)

Aku minat Iron Maiden, At The Gates, Manowar, King Diamond, 70's Scorpions, As Sahar, Aradia, Hayagriva, Atothorgh, Tandus etc...

Cybernet : Apakah pendapat Langsuir tentang band: a. ACAB b. Sil Khanaz c.Butterfingers d. Sepultura

ACAB - aku rasa band punk malaysia paling menyerlah. Cool guys!

Sil Khannaz - semakin 'letih'

Butterfinger - tau kewujudan sahaja.

Sepultura - aku rasa masanya telah tiba utk tutup buku...mungkin 4-5 tahun yang lalu selepas 'Arise'

Cybernet : Last words untuk pembaca…....

Enjoy life! Enjoy the music! Band2 interested nak ditonjolkan dalam internet, hantar promo kepada aku (metal sahaja!). Aku pastikan aku akan review dalam ruangan review. Aku akan hantar salinan review itu in request!

Cybernet : For contact....address/email/homepage


Batara Guru

Malaysian Metal Madness


Itulah dia interview dengan Riusgnal. Bagi mereka yang ingin membuat promo dalam homepage..hanya perlu hantar band info/pic dll….metals only….


Interview by Hadi




Yamma..yamma…kalau dalam 1st issue dulu Cybernet dah paparkan band info tentang all girl band dari Singapura mari kita lihat perdebatan antara aku dan Ginette melalui email…mari…mari…mari…


Cybernet : Where did you get the name of your band?

from the Transvision Vamp song "Psycho Sonic Sindy" we love tranvision Vamp.

Cybernet : Can you tell us the history of your band?

Strated in late '92 with 6 six..hahaha don;t ask me why so many girls! now into our fifth yr..we have three girls left.

Cybernet : Who is the current line up?

me (ginette) on electric bass, Lynn on electric guitars and siti bangs the drums

Cybernet : What are your influences?

Bikini Kill, Slant 6, Huggy Bear, Elastica, Naked Agression, Transvision Vamp, Gogo's, undertones, Ramones, Bis, Poly Styrene .

Cybernet : What type of music do you play?

Punk rock girl style!YAMMA YAMMA YAMMA

Cybernet : Do you have any demo/e.p ?

Yeah we have "We can Do It!" released last yr december.

Cybernet : How is the UG scene over there?

There were many things happening at one the start of the Core Club...a really super place to lay at...for the kids by the kids.But that's gone...sadly. And with it came the zine counters that sold some ma local zines...i was so proud!!!!More and more distros are coming up and girls are putting out zines!

Cybernet : I've been to some gigs in singapore ( substation ) aren’t there any other regular places where gig can be held?

Like i said above that there was the Core Club...then there was also the Dangdut pub Lagenda(hahaha) es,they held gigs for 2 sessions only.There are places like community centres and skools (Lasalle-SIA, my skool!).

Cybernet : How many time did your band played in malaysia?

Two for the all girl bands gig which sadly only like five girls turned up to watch the rest were guys.I was groped there!Fucken hell! And also the Psycho-ago-go gig where i was also groped!Shit i cant understand it.But i loved play in KL.there were so many ppl and they aren't discriminating like sometimes singaporean crowds can be..they like only certain genres of music and they boo the rest.Sickening.I wish I could just play at KL again!!!it's super!!!(a hint for gig organisers!)ahahhaahah ( Tang dan Weng..sila ambil perhatian - ed)

Cybernet : What is your favourite local band ( S'pore and Malaysia)?

Here it has to be Force Vomit!!!!my all time fav. And most recently....actually last saturday when i watched them for the first time...The Marilyns...they are super! Malaysia: I saw Intoxicated perform at the girl gig we played at the they were awesome.And so was Sinead O'mine and one more girl band i forgot the name...they very very young girls and they played a cute version of elastica's Stutter.!!!!!Yamma Yamma Yamma

Cybernet : Any last word to the readers?

We sincerely thank those who have supported us all the way...and those who went to our gigs in Malaysia,making it an eperience I won't ever forget.

Cybernet : How to cantact your band?

Mail me at


blk 339 woodlands ave 1

#03-541 730339



it's a Rock and Roll Riot!


Itu dia tadi interview aku dengan Ginette….heharap gig orgenizer semua dapat ler panggil band ni main di Malaysia….tentu cool abis..wa cakap sama lu…


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Band dari Belanda ni aku interview through email….band ni main muzik style deathcore…so lets check it out…


Cybernet : Where did you get the name of your band?

Mordax is a Latin word, it means something like agressive. I just learned the word at school, so...

Cybernet : Can you tell us the history of your band and where are u from?

We're a band from the Netherlands. We started in 1996 and played alot of covers in the beginning, especially Sepultura. Soon we wrote our own songs and now we play only a few covers at our concerts, like Arise (from Sepultura), Altar and Congress. We've performed alot and the crowd reacted very good, in the meaing of 'bar-diving', crowdsurfing and of course slammin!

Cybernet : Who is the current line up?

We have a excellent guitarist and drummer, Nico and Daan. And I play bass and scream. We aren't with much people, but that keeps the music straight.

Cybernet : What are your influences?

Our influences come from hardcore and deathmetal. In the beginning we played like Sepultura, but now we're more influenced by bands like Napalm Death, Integrity and underground bands as Congress, Vitalty,Catharsis, Earthmover.

Cybernet : What type of music do you play?

We play deathcore, this is a new direction in HC, it's a mixture between agressive hardcore and deathmetal. So our basis is powerhardcore but still we sound a little bit like deathmetal (especially the vocals).

Cybernet : Do you have any demo/e.p ?

We're recording our first demo right now, so it will be ready in about a month. It will contain about 6/7 tracks and cost 5 dollar.

Cybernet : What is the underground scene like at your place?

The undergroundscene in Holland and Belgium is very big. There are a lot of bands and they really support eachother. Everybody arranges gigs for other bands and promotes eachothers music. In Rotterdam, the city we live in, the HC scene is very big, there are many oldschoolbands.

Cybernet : Any last word to the Malaysian readers?

Fight mainstream oppression!!!

Cybernet : How to cantact your band ( email/homepage)?






Terima kasih bebanyak diucapkan kepada Mr Wouter kerana telah sudi bercakap-cakap dengan Cybernet…


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