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Yamma..yamma…kalau dalam 1st issue dulu Cybernet dah paparkan band info tentang all girl band dari Singapura mari kita lihat perdebatan antara aku dan Ginette melalui email…mari…mari…mari… 

Cybernet : Where did you get the name of your band?
from the Transvision Vamp song "Psycho Sonic Sindy" we love tranvision Vamp.
Cybernet : Can you tell us the history of your band?
Strated in late '92 with 6 six..hahaha don;t ask me why so many girls! now into our fifth yr..we have three girls left.
Cybernet : Who is the current line up?
me (ginette) on electric bass, Lynn on electric guitars and siti bangs the drums
Cybernet : What are your influences?
Bikini Kill, Slant 6, Huggy Bear, Elastica, Naked Agression, Transvision Vamp, Gogo's, undertones, Ramones, Bis, Poly Styrene .
Cybernet : What type of music do you play?
Punk rock girl style!YAMMA YAMMA YAMMA
Cybernet : Do you have any demo/e.p ?
Yeah we have "We can Do It!" released last yr december.
Cybernet : How is the UG scene over there?
There were many things happening at one the start of the Core Club...a really super place to  lay at...for the kids by the kids.But that's gone...sadly. And with it came the zine counters that sold some ma   local zines...i was so proud!!!!More and more distros are coming up and girls are putting out zines!
Cybernet : I've been to some gigs in singapore ( substation ) aren't there any other regular places where gig can be held?
Like i said above that there was the Core Club...then there was also the  Dangdut pub Lagenda(hahaha)  es,they held gigs for 2 sessions only.There are places like community centres and skools (Lasalle-SIA, my skool!). 
Cybernet : How many time did your band played in malaysia?
Two for the all girl bands gig which sadly only like five girls turned up to watch the rest were guys.I was groped there!Fucken hell! And also the Psycho-ago-go gig where i was also groped!Shit i cant understand it.But i loved play in KL.there were so many ppl and they aren't discriminating like sometimes singaporean crowds can be..they like only certain genres of music and they boo the rest.Sickening.I wish I could just play at KL again!!!it's super!!!(a hint for gig organisers!)ahahhaahah ( Tang dan Weng..sila ambil perhatian - ed)
Cybernet :  What is your favourite local band ( S'pore and Malaysia)?
Here it has to be Force Vomit!!!!my all time fav. And most recently....actually last saturday when i watched them for the first time...The Marilyns...they are super! Malaysia: I saw Intoxicated perform at the girl gig we played at the they were awesome.And so was Sinead O'mine and one more girl band i forgot the name...they very very young girls and they played a cute version of elastica's Stutter.!!!!!Yamma Yamma Yamma 
Cybernet : Any last word to the readers?
We sincerely thank those who have supported us all the way...and those who went to our gigs in Malaysia,making it an eperience I won't ever forget. 
Cybernet : How to cantact your band?
Mail me at
blk 339 woodlands ave 1
#03-541 730339

it's a Rock and Roll Riot!

Itu dia tadi interview aku dengan Ginette….heharap gig orgenizer semua dapat ler panggil band ni main di Malaysia….tentu cool abis..wa cakap sama lu…

Interview by




Band dari Belanda ni aku interview through email….band ni main muzik style deathcore…so lets check it out…

Cybernet : Where did you get the name of your band?
Mordax is a Latin word, it means something like agressive. I just learned the word at school, so...
Cybernet : Can you tell us the history of your band and where are u from?
We're a band from the Netherlands. We started in 1996 and played alot of covers in the beginning, especially Sepultura. Soon we wrote our own songs and now we play only a few covers at our concerts, like Arise (from Sepultura), Altar and Congress. We've performed alot and the crowd reacted very good, in the meaing of 'bar-diving', crowdsurfing and of course slammin!
Cybernet : Who is the current line up?
We have a excellent guitarist and drummer, Nico and Daan. And I play bass and scream. We aren't with much people, but that keeps the music straight.
Cybernet : What are your influences?
Our influences come from hardcore and deathmetal. In the beginning we played like Sepultura, but now we're more influenced by bands like Napalm Death, Integrity and underground bands as Congress, Vitalty,Catharsis, Earthmover. 
Cybernet : What type of music do you play?
We play deathcore, this is a new direction in HC, it's a mixture between agressive hardcore and deathmetal. So our basis is powerhardcore but still we sound a little bit like deathmetal (especially the vocals). 
Cybernet : Do you have any demo/e.p ?
We're recording our first demo right now, so it will be ready in about a month. It will contain about 6/7 tracks and cost 5 dollar.
Cybernet : What is the underground scene like at your place?
The undergroundscene in Holland and Belgium is very big. There are a lot of bands and they really support eachother. Everybody arranges gigs for other bands and promotes eachothers music. In Rotterdam, the city we live in, the HC scene is very big, there are many oldschoolbands.
Cybernet : Any last word to the Malaysian readers?
Fight mainstream oppression!!!
Cybernet : How to cantact your band ( email/homepage)?


Terima kasih bebanyak diucapkan kepada Mr Wouter kerana telah sudi bercakap-cakap dengan Cybernet…

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Ini merupakan satu lagi   band ska yang aku interview through the email….so mari kita  baca apa jawapan mereka dengan soalan yang dah aku   tanya..

Hello, my name is Mike Indeglio, and I'm in Space aTe Mafia.  On  behalf of our band, I will be answering these question.

Cybernet : Where did you get the name of your band?
We actually couldn't tell you if we wanted to.  Our singer Jon made a  list of a whole bunch af  utlandish names.  The one we liked most was Space Age Mafia.  But when we would tell people the me, they would get it mixed up and say Space Ate Mafia.  So we decided to make THAT our name...Space aTe Mafia 
Cybernet : Can you tell us the history of your band?
Well the drummer bassist and I have been together jamming for about four   years.  Just for fun, we had our pals from Marching band   Paul..trombone..and with they did...we   liked it...took a year to write some stuff, and were playing for the public in no time.  We had all played our instrument all our livesd so  the talent was there it was just a matter of getting our crap together in unison.
Cybernet : Who is the current line up?
Space aTe Mafia consists of....
Mike Indeglio(me)....Guitar
Jon Kargulewits.......Vocals
Doug Reilly.............Drums
Ross Reilly..............Trumpet
Paul Wong..............Trombone
Dave Weaver..........Trumpet
Cybernet : What are your influences? What type of music do you play?
Well...our influences rage based on whatever we hear..if we like it, we'll try to immitate it.  We are a ska band...plain and simple..some latin and jazz mixed in..some punk..very little punk but some.  Anything that will make your ears happy we'll play.  Who have we played with?? Well..Skavoovie and the Epitones...Ruder Than You...Skinnerbox...And pretty soon Spring Healed jack and The Pietasters.  Not to mention many more bands, but i wanted to get the top kickers in there first.
Cybernet  : Do you have any demo/e.p ? Any last word? How to cantact your band?
We will be featured on three comps due out by christmas...We are in the process of recording the  demp...and hopefully soon an EP. As for a last word...we hope to show that just because a band isn't  signed or doesn't have an album, it doesn;t mean they're less talented then those who do.  We have played with a ton of local bands, our live show and a lot of their's rival those of the "top"  bands out there. Anything can sound good when recorded in the studio...but its rare you can go to a show and just have a GREAT time, and enjoy the music while be entertained by showmanship that is of the finest quality...that is what we do.

Mike Indeglio
Space aTe Mafia

Itu dia tadi jawapan mereka…so kepada peminat  muzik ska buleh lah contact band ni di alamat di atas…

Interview by



Alloooo…ini merupakan sebuah lagi band oversea yang aku temuramah dengan  email…so let's check it out…

Dearest sir!
        We'd love to comply with your demands.

Cybernet : Where did you get the name of your band?
Our name (The Mexican Cession) comes from a band trip most of us we on in high school. Six idiots bought six giant sombreros, and thus were dubbed the Mexican Cession. A longer version of this story can be found on our web site (see address below). 
Cybernet : Can you tell us the history of your band?
This explained at length on the website as well. We've been on the Western New york scene for 3 years now. Based out of Buffalo, NY, it all started as a joke on the aforementioned band trip, with six of us rapping "Ice Ice Baby" for no good reason other than it was funny and we were obnoxious. It eventually occurred to us that we could all play instruments (we WERE, after all, on a band trip), so we wrote a bunch of stupid songs and annoyed people with them for awhile, until it got to be not so annoying and even kinda cool. That brings us up til now.
Cybernet : Who is the current line up?
Fen Ikner- drums, lead vox, and occasional guitar...Bryon Federick-
Bass...Ryan Cavan- guitar and occasional drums...Joe Sweeney- Keys,
vox....Scott Howard- guitar (the new guy)....Tad Dziekonski- Trumpet...Leif
Nelson- Trombone, vox....Adam Gibbs- trumpet...Luke Goetz, sax, vox
Cybernet : What are your influences?
Our influences are all over the place- you could pretty much name an album, and somebody has it, or at least has had it at one point or another and sold it out of embarrassment. 
Cybernet : What type of music do you play?
It's also all over the place- kind of a mix of ska and hip hop and punk and...well, whatever else works its way into the mix. As long as it cool, or at least, we think its cool.
Cybernet : Do you have any demo/e.p ?
Yeah, we recorded a tape back when we were in high school, called "Welcome to Toasta Rica." That was a really early incarnation of the band, we had a different guitarist and bass player back then, and we kinda sound different now. We just finished our first "real" recording (tentatively called "Love Songs for Wrestlers") and are trying to get it out as soon as we can. So send us money!
Cybernet: Any last word?
Cybernet : How to cantact your band ( email/ homepage)?
SnailMail: 108 N. Campus Dr., Amherst NY. 14226
Phone: Adam- (716)-626-9010, Fen-(716)-839-5945

Thanks for the opportunity to spread the word! It's truly been a pleasure.

                                -Scott and Fen, Mexican Cession
    Mexican Cession

Interview  by Lankurdt@hotmail .com