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INTRO....Assalamualaikum and a very warm greetings to all you cyber dudes out  there....Well, first of all this so called cyberpage is dedicated to my family and all my kewl cyber friends who have been hangin' around with me for the .....21 years're all totally kewl.....there's nothing i could do or say to thank all you guys and gals....without all of you i wouldn't be smashing till now!!! So i hope that you'll enjoy this not so finished homepage and have a safe journey surfin'!!!!

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Myself....Firstly my name....Azlan Bin Awadz...born on the 9th of May 1977 in Kuantan Pahang..i'm 100% male that the time i was 3 years old i went to follow my parents to California in  1980. My dad was doing his MA there....i can't remember anythin' bcoz i was like 3 at that time...still innocent..but then all the pictures taken there...places we've been to such as Disneyland, Universal Studios, San Diego, Sea World, Las Vegas, Rome, Paris, Grand Canyon, New York etc proves that i was there...though i couldn't remember a single thing..pitty me!! We stayed in LA for 3 years and went back to M'sia in 1983. Me and my 3 younger brothers spent our childhood  in Kemaman, Terengganu for about 7 years....then my dad got transferred to KL.....time goes by and i got used with the air in KL.....i got my SRP in SMKA Selangor, my SPM in KISAS and my Diploma in UTM Skudai. Phew..what a tiring cycle that was... now i'm struggling and having serious headache to get my Degree...wish me luck!!!

Attitude? Do i have an attitude problem? Do i eat people?'s hard to describe my attitude....i'm the guy who likes to make people makes me happy to make all my friends happy....and i also can easily get worried and stuff.....i like to help people in need and don't really know how to get angry with's kinda weird though...but then that's the way i you like it or not....bcoz i'm not driving a Ferarri and so ain't you!!! Get the picture???

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Dream Girl.....i taut i tauht itsaw my dweam girl tell you the truth..i'm still searchin' and i haven't met one yet....she don't have to be rich or wealthy.... moderate attitude with a pretty smile...and she must like me the way i am not the way i look.....but then she also should know how to dress well and  the most important part is cooking...bcoz i'm kinda good at i do really need a good cook...big time....well.....time will tell......juz settle down....wait and see...!!!!



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3786, Jln Lembah Ledang, 50480 Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur

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